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Lauren P.

“I got a job immediately after graduation, but I was eager to find a new opportunity. I didn’t really know how to communicate my experience on my resume because I didn’t think I had enough work experience to do so. I took the time to learn from the Job Search Accelerator program and the instructions were very clear. It allowed me to understand my values and gave me the confidence to reach out to recruiters and hiring managers. I landed multiple interviews and committed to a job 3 weeks after taking the course!”

Ravi B.

"I’m a software engineer and we are not great at selling ourselves on paper. This program helped me sell myself on my resume, cover letter, and while networking on LinkedIn. My approach to the job search was completely different after learning the material in Job Search Accelerator. Thank you so much for your help!"

Eric H.

“The value I’ve gotten out of Job Search Accelerator is unmatched. I’m 52 years old and the job search process is certainly different than what it was years ago. After studying their material, I got interviews immediately. I had multiple job offers lined up, which was great for negotiation purposes.”



Module 1: Professional Foundation

  1. Discover your strengths so you can pinpoint positions that fit your skills and expertise
  2. Explore careers that will be a good fit based on what you have learned through self-assessment exercises
  3. Uncover your unique selling point 
  4. Overcome your flaws and remove mental blocks 

Module 2: Resume Transformation

  1. Build a clean, concise resume that is applicant tracking system (ATS) compliant
  2. Customize your resume to fit almost any job (regardless of your experience level).
  3. Write achievement statements that showcase your skills and expertise.
  4. Position yourself for career progression

Module 3: Compelling Cover Letter

  1. Define your value proposition in order to sell yourself effectively
  2. Write each paragraph by stating the problem, presenting the solution, and establishing your credibility
  3. Demonstrate the benefits of employing you
  4. Prove to the recruiter that you’re an overachiever

Module 4: LinkedIn Lab

  1. Set yourself up for success in the digital world of employment
  2. Create a powerful profile to make sure it’s optimized with keywords that will make you stand out in your industry
  3. Lead professionally with a personal branding strategy
  4. Build your own network of professionals and make the right type of connections.
  5. Strategically construct the perfect profile even if you have employment gaps or are transitioning careers.

Module 5: Get Noticed by Recruiters & Hiring Managers (Networking)

  1. Learn how to quickly find the right contacts at the company
  2. Target recruiters and hiring managers with our step-by-step outreach strategy
  3. Have recruiters and hiring managers chase YOU for opportunities
  4. Get your resume seen with EVERY application
  5. Discover how to access job positions that don't get advertised

Module 6: Interview Intelligence

  1. Remove anxiety, stress, and fear in order to sell yourself with ease during the interview
  2. Know what to say, when to say it, and how it should be said
  3. Learn how to answer behavioral interview questions
  4. Understand interview best practices and what to expect in different types of interviews
  5. Be prepared for phone interviews, video interviews, panel interviews, case interviews, and more
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Template Hub 

  1. 12 X follow-up templates
  2. Simple plug & play email scripts to send to recruiters and hiring managers
  3. Following up on your application
  4. The best way to respond to recruiters once they reach out to you
  5. Resume template
  6. Cover letter template

Worksheet Station

  1. Self-assessment worksheet
  2. Personal branding exercise
  3. SWOT analysis 
  4. Job hunt networking tracker
  5. Job description & keyword planning
  6. Interview questions to ask recruiters and hiring managers
  7. How to navigate and answer the top 10 interview questions
  8. Informational interview questions proven to help you gain career clarity

Private Members Area & Community

  1. Get access to career coaches
  2. Network and connect with others in a members-only community. 
  3. Get support and accountability from other members to help you achieve your career goals.
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Meet Your Instructor!


As a long-time recruiter and founder of the recruitment firm CareerDean International, I have consulted with more than 200 companies throughout all different industries and helped more than 1,000 people successfully secure new jobs. In addition, I am a speaker and have been invited to colleges and universities to motivate and guide students and graduates in order to help jumpstart their careers.

I believe in education and its ability to empower people and change lives. We all have a story, and I help professionals share theirs to connect talent with career opportunities.

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Lifetime Membership Includes:

  • 65+ Videos / 8 Hours of Educational Content
  • Module 1: Professional Foundation
  • Module 2: Resume Transformation
  • Module 3: Compelling Cover Letter
  • Module 4: LinkedIn Lab
  • Module 5: Get Noticed by Recruiters & Hiring Managers (Networking)
  • Module 6: Interview Intelligence
  • Template Hub
  • Worksheet Station
  • Lifetime Access to ALL Future Content
  • Private Members Area & Community: Access to Career Coaches & Access to Other Members in the Group
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